2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Covers Shared

2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Covers Shared CVR A Karin a

The 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 1 is on the way, and pre-orders for issues with variant covers are open. The issue itself is expected to arrive sometime in June 2022. But ahead of that, people can call dibs on one of the six different options. The two Bride Laura ones are online exclusives at Udon, and another with a larger cast featured is an “incentive cover” option. Depending on the one chosen, they cost between $4.99 and $50. While the covers will be different, each one will have the same swimsuit pin-up art inside.

The two least expensive options are CVR A and CVR B. CVR A is drawn by Norasuko and shows Karin in a swimsuit on a beach. CVR B features Elena and Menat in swimsuits. That one is drawn by Ryan Kinnaird. There is also a CVR C option, which is completely blank.

There are two $20 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special issue 1 cover options. One is the Panzer Incentive Cover. That features Ken and Ryu rescuing Dan while Chun Li, Cammy, and Sakura watch. Blanka is also in the background. Also, Dan’s floaty looks like Blanka too. The standard Bride Laura cover is also $20. That is drawn by Reiq. In it, she’s wearing a pink wedding gown.

Finally, there is the Golden Bride Laura cover. This is the Reiq cover, but with a gold wedding gown instead of a pink one. Only 150 copies of it will be made. It will cost $50.
2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special Covers Shared Golden Bride Laura

Issue 1 of the 2022 Street Fighter Swimsuit Special is expected to appear in June 2022. You can see some of the past cover options to compare.

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