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Street Fighter V: Some Of Ryu, Chun-Li, Bison, And Nash’s Unique Moves


This morning, Capcom detailed the new V-Skill and V-Trigger systems in Street Fighter V. You can read up on those here, but in summary, V-Skills (medium punch + medium kick) are moves that are different depending on which character is using them. Meanwhile, V-Triggers (heavy punch + heavy kick) usually power up your characters in different ways.


In addition to revealing the two new mechanics, Capcom also shared a few examples of V-Skills and V-Triggers. You can check these out below.


Ryu – V-Skill: Mind’s Eye

Ryu uses his senses to “see” the opponent’s next attack and parries it accordingly. All attacks (high, low, mid) and projectiles can be parried if timed correctly. Multi hitting attacks can also be parried with the correct timing. Fans of Street Fighter III will remember that the “parry” was the core battle mechanic of that entire series! The mechanic now returns as a single V-Skill of Ryu, demonstrating how serious we are about making every character unique to one another. Ryu gains V-Gauge for each successful parry.


Ryu – V-Trigger: Denjin Renki

Ryu powers up and enters Denjin Renki mode. In this mode, his normal and EX Hadokens, as well as his Shinkuu Hadoken gain an electric charge, resulting in faster travel speed, higher damage, and higher stun. While in this mode, normal and EX Hadokens can also be charged, which result in even higher damage or a guard break if blocked.  Additionally, his Shoryuken attack also deals additional damage when it connects against the opponent.

  • Note – Denjin Renki mode only lasts a short amount of time and is tied to a timer.


Chun-Li – V-Skill: Rankyaku


Chun-Li powerfully kicks off the ground and flies toward her opponent at an angle lower than her normal jump. While in the air, Chun-Li can use air attacks and special moves as she descends upon the opponent.


Chun Li – V-Trigger: Renkiko


Chun-Li concentrates her ki into her hands and feet which results in attacks hitting more times than normal. Light attacks have no additional benefits, medium attacks hit one extra time, heavy attacks hit two extra times. This benefit is not extended to special attacks.

  • Note – Renkiko only lasts a short amount of time and is tied to a timer.


Nash – V-Skill: Bullet Clear



Nash reaches out and absorbs any normal projectile coming his way. If close enough to the opponent, Nash can absorb their life force, causing damage. Each time Nash touches the opponent or clears a projectile, he gains a small amount of V-Gauge.


Nash – V-Trigger: Sonic Move



Nash travels at supersonic speed and ends in one of three different places near the opponent based on what the player inputs. Players can choose to end up behind the opponent on the ground, behind the opponent in the air, or in front of the opponent in the air, and can act immediately once Nash appears.


M.Bison – V-Skill: Psycho Reflect



M.Bison uses his Psycho Power to absorb any normal projectile or attack coming his way. If the player continues to hold down the Psycho Reflect after absorbing either the projectile or attack, M.Bison will throw a Psycho Shot back at the opponent. Each time M.Bison successfully reflects a projectile or attack he gains a small amount of V-Gauge.


Bison – V-Trigger: Psycho Power


M.Bison completely unleashes his Psycho Power, which results in a change to his dash and certain special attacks. He now teleports during his dash, able to pass through projectiles and attacks, and also disappears and reappears during his Somersault Skull Diver and Double Knee Press attacks, making them extremely hard to track.

  • Note – Psycho Power only lasts a short amount of time and is tied to a timer.


Street Fighter V is in development for PC and PlayStation 4. More details are expected from E3 next week, so stay tuned to Siliconera for details.

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