It’s only been a day since volume 2 of the The Witches of the Sphinx doujinshi went on sale at the Summer Comiket in Japan, and already, there’s news of the series making its way overseas. The news comes by way of translator, Dan Kanemitsu, who posted about the project on his blog.


“The Witches of the Sphinx story line is part of the North African Front campaign being waged in the Strike Witches world. The broad direction of the project is supervised by Takaaki Suzuki, the script writer and military/world construct advisor. He’s the person that makes sure the world of Strike Witches remains consistent. Strike Witches concept was created by Humikane Shimada.


The manga is authored Takeshi Nogami. Nogami has worked on numerous projects together with Suzuki and Nogami wanted to help realize Suzuki and Shimada’s conceptualization of the North African Front.”


According to Kanemitsu, the theme of this manga is, “Never mess with a girl’s shopping!”


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