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Suda51 Hopes To Collaborate With Other Artists And Indie Games For New No More Heroes



Grasshopper Manufacture CEO, Goichi “Suda51” Suda, recently revealed that he’s working on a No More Heroes game for Nintendo Switch, and he shared a bit more of his plans in an interview with 4Gamer.


4Gamer asked Suda to share his frank thoughts on the Nintendo Switch.


“Nintendo’s hardware are inventions for playing, and when I first tried the Nintendo Switch, I intensely felt that, all over again,” said Suda. “So then I thought with this new invention, maybe I could make a new game? And just as I was thinking about that, a certain main who went on a rampage on a Nintendo console before came to mind.


“That’s Travis Touchdown. I thought that if he were to make a return with an appearance on Switch, a multitude of people would be surprised and happy.”


On the subject of a “revival” of Travis Touchdown, 4Gamer asked Suda to specify whether that means it’ll be a port, remake, or a completely new title.


“Actually… I was going to say on the stage that it’s not a port but a completely new game, but I completely forgot about it…,” Suda said.


4Gamer: That’s the most important part! Could it be No More Heroes 3?


“I can’t say anything yet. However, I am writing the entire script, and this will be my first time working on direction in 10 years,” He continued.


Next, 4Gamer asked if the illustration we saw from the announcement was done by Yusuke Kozaki (manga artist and character designer who worked on the previous No More Heroes games).


“Yes. Of course we’ll have Kozaki-san work on it,” responded Suda. “However, this time around I’m thinking about having all kinds of other people participate as well. Whenever I go to events overseas, I occasionally have people say ‘Whenever you start working on a new No More Heroes game, please let me do the character designs.’ And they’re pretty famous people. So I think it’d be cool to have such collaborations.”


4Gamer: That story makes us dream of possibilities.


“Furthermore, I’m also thinking about how it’d be cool if we can make it into a title that can collaborate well with indie games,” added Suda, who said he couldn’t share more when asked to specify.


Next, they asked about how much of the game’s development status.


“I haven’t written any plot for the story yet, but the whole picture and main parts have been solidified. Also, the game design’s direction has mostly been decided on, so we’re basically just about to start on its development,” answered Suda.


4Gamer then asked when will the game release.


“This year is actually No More Heroes’ 10th anniversary. So a part of me would like to release it this year… but it won’t be this year,” said Suda.


“If you could just expect it for sometime after next year. We’ll release information bits at a time, so please look forward to that,” concluded the Grasshopper Manufacture CEO.



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