Summer Survival Rhapsody Side A Event to Debut in Honkai Impact

honkai impact summer survival

A new summer event, Summer Survival Rhapsody Side A, will debut soon in Honkai Impact 3rd. It will launch alongside Version 5.9, which will debut on August 11, 2022. Using event currency you get from clearing stages and missions, you can get a new outfit, Energy Devices, Crystals, and more.

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Here is the trailer for the Summer Survival Rhapsody Side A event in Honkai Impact 3rd:

The Summer Miss Elf♪ outfit is for Miss Pink Elf♪, and you can get it for free in the event shop. She has a white headband in her hair, and is wearing a light white-and-black swimsuit underneath a pale blue short-sleeved blouse. As you play through the three chapters of the event, you can unlock more Flame-Chasers to deploy.

Summer Survival Rhapsody Side A will introduce a new battle mode in Honkai Impact 3rd, which involves rolling a dice. Your roll will determine a Flame-Chaser’s damage. There are also skills to manipulate the numbers you can get from the dice. As you progress through island adventure, you may encounter forks in the path. Depending on what route you choose, there may be rewards and blessings to collect.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available on Windows PC and mobile devices. The Version 5.9 update and Summer Survival Rhapsody Side A event will go live on August 11, 2022.

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