Sunsoft Are Taking Retro Classic PC Games To Modern PCs In Japan



Japanese developers Sunsoft have released games as part of a retro game service  in Japan that makes older PC titles compatible with modern computers. The service, run by D4 Enterprises,  brings more titles as part of the “Project EGG,” and Famitsu shares a look at two upcoming titles for it.


Sunsoft began making games for the arcades in the late ‘70s, then became known for their development in home consoles, mostly for the NES in the ‘80s. While the developers had trouble moving onto the new 16-bit consoles, enthusiasts began to rediscover some of their titles in the later years.


While you might not be familiar with many of their work, they’ve helped porting Sega games such as After Burner, Fantasy Zone, and Fantasy Zone II for Nintendo consoles. After making a few games during the PlayStation era, they haven’t been too active apart from their partnership with Nintendo to release titles for the Wii Virtual Console.


The above is a look at Final Breaker for PC-9801, which originally released in 1993. The game takes place in the 24th century, in a world that has been left to ruins after World War III. In the midst of the aftermath from all the war, a man wakes up from his long slumber.


He doesn’t know who he is, or what he’s fighting for, but finds himself in battle, once again. This strategic game revolves around a protagonist with amnesia, and he must fight against the odds through a turn-based system that revolves around a Camp Mode, Game Mode, and Map Selection Mode.


In Final Breaker, you can repair equipment, organize units, gain experience to change classes for the units, fight enemies, as you advance through the story. There are also multiple endings depending on the choices you make.



Next, is a look at The Fantasm Soldier Valis, which originally released on the PC-8801 in 1986. This action title puts you in the role of Yuko Aso in a game about mysterious rain and strange dreams.


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The side-scroller title was considered one of the more faster-paced games at the time, and it was known for its difficulty. There are six offensive items, along with four defensive items, and three special items in the game, which you’ll need to use along with your wits to see the ending.


Both Final Breaker and The Fantasm Soldier Valis are available to download for 500 yen, here.

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