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How Super Bomberman R Was Made For Kids And Longtime Fans Of The Series



Siliconera recently got to chat with Konami about how the development of Super Bomberman R started and their mindset going into its making, just before its launch alongside the Nintendo Switch.


Siliconera: It’s been over five years since the last Bomberman game. How did development for Super Bomberman R start?

Benjamin Kinney, Brand Manager: The team felt it was the right time to renew the franchise with the Nintendo Switch and all that the platform offers.


What goals did the development team have in mind when creating Super Bomberman R?

The team wanted the game to be fun for everyone, kids and longtime fans of the series. Its gameplay is based on classic Bomberman titles, keeping the good parts of this beloved game but with all new designs.


The stages have dynamic environments, can you tell us more about those?

You can use the environment strategically, destroying key blocks to trap enemies or change the environment to your advantage.


What are the Bomberman brothers fighting against in Super Bomberman’s story mode?

“Emperor” Buggler, with plans to conquer the universe, come before the eight Bomberman brothers who are protecting the peace within the universe.


How are the Bomberman brothers different from each other?

Each Bomberman and enemy has their own unique personalities that come out through

movement, cut scenes and voice lines.


What kind of power-ups will we see in Super Bomberman R? Are the Louies coming back? Are there any new power-ups?

There are a variety of power ups that fans will be familiar with in the gameplay, including some they will have to find on their own!



Super Bomberman R releases for Nintendo Switch on March 3, 2017.

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