Super Cloudbuilt Offers Players An Expansive World For 3D Parkour & Shooting



Super Cloudbuilt, a reimagined and remastered version of 2014 parkour shooter Cloudbuilt, will offer more mechanics, a more interconnected world for players to free run through, and more opportunities for players to put their skills to creative uses.




Super Cloudbuilt has players awakening as Demi, a young soldier who finds herself in an abandoned building in a strange world of pits and broken places. To find out her place in this world, players will have to help her survive, rushing through its crumbling locations and dealing with its threats.


Mobility is Demi’s greatest tool, and players will find endless ways to use it. Demi can run straight up sheer walls, charge across them to get over gaps, slide, or use her jet pack to hurtle over large pits. She can also rush straight up tall buildings once she finds enough upgrades, using combinations of all of her mobility powers and jet pack to move around just about any surface, clambering around them at high speeds.




While doing so, Demi will also have to deal with enemies, leaping and running around them while shooting them down. Should players do well at this, as well as getting around the levels, they’ll fight for spots of the game’s leaderboards as well.


Super Cloudbuilt shows off many of these powers in action with the extensive look in the video above. It will be available this Summer.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!