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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Shows What’s New From Arcade To Switch



Bandai Namco recently announced Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, an upcoming Switch game based on the card battling arcade games. Here are details from the official website on what’s new and how it plays.





In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission you’ll have teams of up to seven characters for 7v7 battles, which is an increase from the arcade version that allows up to five party members.




The game tells the story of a new hero in Dragon Ball. The battles will see an increase from five party members to seven, faster battle tempo, and plenty of cards for you to collect to make your own team. Super Dragon Ball Heroes will have around 1,160 cards.




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Cards include everything from Super Dragon Ball Heroes’ volumes 1 to 8, and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission volumes 1-2. It features about 250 characters, the most from the trading arcade card game series since its debut in November 2010.



The arcade versions of the game play on two screens, but Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission has been worked to have everything in one screen.


The story is set in a world that takes place in the future after it’s been saved by the Super Heroes who are now regarded as legends and the Capsule Corps developed a popular card game based on the warriors.


This card game is known as “Super Dragon Ball Heroes”


In a city called “Hero Town” where Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been a hit, a young boy named Beat who is visiting for the first time is drawn by a showing of a Super Dragon Ball Heroes match on the city display.



This is a story of a young man’s introduction to Super Dragon Ball Heroes, before becoming a “hero.”


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission releases for the Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2019.

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