Super Mario Kart Tour Adds SNES-Inspired Drivers to Mario Kart Tour

super mario kart tour

A new tour has come to Mario Kart Tour, and it pays tribute to the past. Very literally, as it is the Super Mario Kart Tour. Until September 22, 2020, people can take part in a new series of races, go through new challenges, see what the RMX Rainbow Road course is like, and have a chance at pulling SNES-inspired versions of classic characters from the gacha.

The two new drivers this time around are the SNES versions of Mario and Donkey Kong Jr. Each one is a sprite, which has quite an interesting look when paired with all the karts and environments in the 3D world. The first week of the gacha gives you a chance to get this Mario driver, the 8-bit Pipe Frame kart, and the 8-bit Jumping Mario glider from the pipe. Starting on September 15, 2020, people have a chance to pull for Donkey Kong Jr., the DK Maximum kart, and the ? Block glider.

Here’s the trailer, which spends quite a bit of time showing off the SNES Mario and Donkey Kong drivers and looks at the RMX Rainbow Road 1 course. Mario’s racing around in the 8-bit Pipe Frame Kart, while Donkey Kong Jr. drives the DK Maximum.

Mario Kart Tour is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Super Mario Kart Tour will run in-game until September 22, 2020. Other recent updates include the inclusion of Landscape Mode and addition of Captain Toad characters.

Jenni Lada
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