Mario Kart Tour Landscape Mode Is Here

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo has revealed the Mario Kart Tour Landscape Mode. A new update has added a different perspective to the free-to-play, mobile racing game. When it launched in September 2019, the game has only supported Portrait Mode. This is due to it having been built with one-handed play in mind. Now, people have options.

Check out the trailer for the feature:

As we can see, Mario Kart Tour‘s Landscape Mode has a different UI layout to accommodate the additional space on-screen. Players can set the game to Portrait, Portrait/Landscape (essentially swapping the UI depending on the direction of your phone), or Landscape.

The new layout also provides a solution for people who have had problems with accidentally activating items. In Landscape Mode, new Left/Right controls can be activated. You then use the left side of the screen to steer and tap on the right side of the screen to use items.

Mario Kart Tour is available on Apple iOS and Android devices worldwide. The game recently got new characters in the form of Captain Toad and Toadette. It also received another rather large update back in March 2020 that allows people to actually take part in multiplayer races against both friends and strangers.

Alistair Wong
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