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Super Mario Maker 2 Builds Up Hype For A June 28, 2019 Release Date



    Out of the blue, Nintendo has revealed the full release date for Super Mario Maker 2, the sequel to one of the best-selling Wii U and 3DS games – June 28, 2019.


    While we haven’t seen much of the game since the game’s reveal in the previous Nintendo Direct, what we do know is that one of the major new additions is a new gameplay style based on that of Super Mario 3D World, only on a 2D plane. This means some unique gimmicks like objects popping into the foreground from the background, and the return of the Super Bell that turns Mario into Cat Mario.


    Here are more screenshots for the game on the official site, although they are directly from the trailer:

    smm2 2 smm2 3

    smm2 4 smm2 5

    smm2 6 smm2 7

    smm2 8 smm2 9

    smm2 10 smm2 11

    smm2 12 smm2 13

    smm2 14 smm2 15

    smm2 16 smm2 17

    smm2 18


    Super Mario Maker 2 unleashes on the Nintendo Switch on June 28, 2019.

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