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Super Mario Odyssey Adds Satellaview Suit Set And Baseball Uniform Set Costumes


mario odyssey costume1

Super Mario Odyssey received two new costume sets today for Mario to buy in-game – the Satellaview costume, and the Baseball outfit.


mario odyssey costume2


The Satellaview set is a combination of the ‘Satellaview Helmet’ (500 coins) and the ‘Satellaview Suit’ (1,000 coins), while the Baseball costume is made up of the ‘Batting Helmet’ (1,500 coins) and the ‘Baseball Uniform’ (3,000 coins).


Like many of the costumes in Super Mario Odyssey, the Satellaview costume is an obscure reference to Mario’s history, this time a commercial for the hardware:


Super Mario Odyssey is available on Nintendo Switch.

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