Super Mario Run Dashes Past 40 Million Global Downloads In Four Days



Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run has surpassed 40 million downloads worldwide in four days after its December 15 launch, and is now the #1 free game on the app Store in 100 countries.


Super Mario Run’s creative fellow, Shigeru Miyamoto, who led its development expressed his gratitude for being able to provide fans around the world with a new Mario, and he understands that it may take some time for everyone to understand what they’re getting from purchasing the game, they can sense that the number of purchases is steadily climbing. He hopes they can further show everyone the charm of playing Mario with one hand, and have the game reach out further as a game that can also be enjoyed by children with no worries.


Super Mario Run is available for iPhone and iPad in 150 countries and regions via the App Store. It’s available for free to try out, but requires $9.99 to fully unlock all three modes of the game.

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