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Super Neptunia RPG Footage Shows Off Valkyrie Profile-Style Battles And Dungeon Exploration



Compile Heart showcased the latest gameplay footage of Super Neptunia RPG that has a battle system that plays a lot like the Valkyrie Profie games except with plenty of more Nep.


The dungeon exploration parts are done in side-scrolling fashion, but the battles start with symbol encounters when you touch an enemy in the field. You’ll get to smack enemies first to start out with the advantage. Once the battle starts, you’ll notice how there’s a button that corresponds to all four of your party members, similar to Valkyrie Profile.


Super Neptunia RPG releases in Japan on September 27, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The game releases for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the West in Fall 2018. Check out our previous report for a look at IF and Compa.

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