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Super Neptunia RPG Introduces New Characters Kukei, Mai, And Surara



Compile Heart updated the official website of Brave Neptunia, which has been announced as Super Neptunia in the West, with an introduction for three new characters in Kukei, Mai, and Surara.


Kukei Tobihachi (CV: Yoko Hikasa)

Kukei Tobihachi

One of the Three Musketeers of Silkworm, an organization that rules the world and worships 2D games. Kukei is passionate about video game music. She has strong principles, and keeps Silkworm whole as Firin’s aide.


Mai Kamimura (CV: Ellen Taira)

Mai Kamimura

One of Silworm’s Three Musketeers. She’s the manager of the Trial Grounds, a place where the insolent are sent. Due to her unreasonable trials, the people fear her and call her the “Mad King.” She’s persistent about Neptune and plans on teaching her a lesson some day.


Surara Izuda (CV: Tomoko Kaneda)

Surara Izuda

One of Silkworm’s Three Musketeers. She’s a dangerous and playful girl who likes to experiment and tinker with machines. She’s also fearless enough to call one of the Three Musketeers, Mai Kamiumra, “Mai-Mai.” Surara and her buddy Carmelaman stand before Neptune and friends.


Super Neptunia RPG releases in Japan on September 27, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The game releases in North America and Europe in Fall 2018 for PS4 and Switch.

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