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Super Real Mahjong Graffiti Unveils A Port To The Nintendo Switch


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Over the past few months, developer Mighty Craft has been bringing over their Super Real Mahjong series of risque mahjong titles to the Nintendo Switch, with Super Real Mahjong PV, PVI, and P7. This week, they revealed that Super Real Mahjong Graffiti, a Sega Saturn port of the arcade titles Super Real Mahjong PII, PIII, and PIV, is also on its way to the Nintendo Switch. [Thanks, Famitsu!]


Mighty Craft was also interviewed regarding the state of the series, and according to them, the games have done well not only with previous fans of the series, but also new players too, with Super Real Mahjong PV selling the best despite a temporary removal. It’s also helped boost downloads of their smartphone title Super Real Mahjong P8, as it raised recognition of the series.

Thanks to all this, they are in the midst of developing a Switch version of Super Real Mahjong Graffiti, and see hope for the future in the strip mahjong genre.


Super Real Mahjong Graffiti originally released on the Sega Saturn, and is getting ported for Nintendo Switch.

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