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Super Robot Wars 30 Livestream Reveals Code Geass Mecha

Super Robot Wars 30 Code Geass

Bandai Namco held a Super Robot Wars 30 livestream that featured a brand new trailer for the upcoming crossover and revealed that Lelouch and C.C. from Code Geass will both appear in the game and pilot the Gekkoei Sui mecha.

The version in the game is based on the same mech from the Lelouch of the Resurrection movie but with an expanded design. Eiji Nakada from Sunrise, the studio that created Code Geass, designed it at producer Takanobu Terada’s request, as its original anime appearance was incomplete.

The Super Robot Wars 30 livestream also revealed Banagher from Gundam Narrative as a playable character. However, Terada confirmed that Banagher from the Gundam Unicorn television anime and OVA would not make an appearance in the game.

The upcoming third and final trailer will feature the Victory Gundam upgrade and L-Gaim MK2. It will also provide more details on additional DLC characters and mechs to be added in the future. So far two DLC have been already confirmed, each one adding nine playable units and 13 area missions. Digital preorders in Japan opened for the title as well, with the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 Asian versions having English support.

In other news, the mobile game Super Robot Wars DD also received a new trailer, which revealed that Getter Robo Arc will be heading to the title. Irm from SRW Original Generation will arrive in-game as well.

Super Robot Wars 30 will launch on October 28, 2021 in Japan and Asia for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. It will launch on October 27, 2021 worldwide on PC through Steam.

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