Super Robot Wars Shows Off The Second Stage And Reveals DLC Bonus Scenarios

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Bandai Namco has revealed a new video showing off the second stage of the game, where Spike Spiegel gets caught up in a Martian Successor attack alongside the protagonist while hunting down bounties. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Check it out below:


DLC Scenarios:

Armor Fight, Ready, Go!

srwt dlc 1


srwt dlc 2 srwt dlc 3


A spat between fast friends Allenby and Priscilla escalates into a fight between Gundams and Armors.


Space of Revenge

srwt dlc 4


srwt dlc 5 srwt dlc 6


Captain Harlock recounts a tale of the past to Akito, who’s traveling with the Arcadia.


Today is Bonus Day!

srwt dlc 7


srwt dlc 8 srwt dlc 9


Bonus pay is what every salaryman’s dreams and hopes ride on. But for Takeo General Company president Watta, it’s nothing but suffering.


Dynamic Reunion

srwt dlc 10


srwt dlc 11 srwt dlc 12


It’s been around 10 years since the Mazinger team and Getter team have gotten to meet each other properly. But trouble just won’t leave these hot-blooded men alone.


Black Stress

srwt dlc 13


srwt dlc 14 srwt dlc 15


Van and Akito are both people who wear black to signify their fight for vengeance. Those two are about to fight for their lives against people who want to use that determination for nefarious purposes.


Fight! Cowboy vs President

srwt dlc 16


srwt dlc 17 srwt dlc 18


The Takeo General Company staff and Bebop crew are put together to help out, but quickly turn against each other. Thankfully, enemies intrude.


Magic Knight and Aura Battler

srwt dlc 19


srwt dlc 20 srwt dlc 21


Shion becomes inspired after seeing the Magic Knights request for tougher training in order to improve their skills.


Paradise Gourmet Tour

srwt dlc 22


srwt dlc 23 srwt dlc 24


Angela hatches a plan to enjoy her time in the real world after getting used to her Material Body.


Where the Heart Lies

srwt dlc 25


srwt dlc 26 srwt dlc 28


Angela, who is a digital personality, begins to question her own existence. Frontier Setter sees Angela feeling down, and enlists several friends to help her.


Paradise on this Land

srwt dlc 29


srwt dlc 30 srwt dlc 31


The women get to enjoy summer vacation on a Southern island for a bit, until a memory from Faye’s past returns to end the fun.


The Fairies’ Teatime

srwt dlc 32


srwt dlc 33 srwt dlc 34


During teatime, Silky suddenly remembers a bit of her crimes from her previous life.


The Three of Them, 10 Years Later

srwt dlc 35


srwt dlc 36 srwt dlc 37


Amuro, Ryouma, and Kouji get catch up and talk about their past together, and when enemies attack, the three of them work together for the first time in 10 years.


Wandering Foreigner

srwt dlc 38


srwt dlc 39 srwt dlc 40


Those three came from a galaxy far away to the Solar System, and chasing behind them is a man known as ‘The Beast’.


Troubled Rivals

srwt dlc 41


srwt dlc 42 srwt dlc 43


The rivals who used to be enemies now fight on the same side, and each of them continues to fight for a place to belong.


Curse of SD

srwt dlc 44


srwt dlc 45 srwt dlc 46


The Magic Knights and Noriko go to investigate a dimensional disturbance, and then find themselves in a truly horrifying world.


Who’s the Main Character?

srwt dlc 47


srwt dlc 48 srwt dlc 49


Some of the crew seem to be wondering about their place in the army, and suddenly, enemies attack, as if to stoke their fears.


The Trail of the Red Comet

srwt dlc 50


srwt dlc 51 srwt dlc 52


Char reminisces about the fighting that he had to do for the sake of what he believed in.


Heading Forward Together

srwt dlc 59


srwt dlc 60 srwt dlc 62


The Red Comet and Hamarn suffer over their past relationships, and they decide to set things straight.


Beautiful Criminals

srwt dlc 53


srwt dlc 54 srwt dlc 55


Things get heated between the women on the ship, and they head out to settle their differences. Who will win?


Third Division Presentation

srwt dlc 56


srwt dlc 57 srwt dlc 58


The Third Division use the data they’ve collected up to this point to come up with a new marketing presentation.


Super Robot Wars T releases in Japan on March 20, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Its Asia version with English subs will release on March 20 as well. Check out the game’s first stage here.

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