Super Robot Wars T To Get ‘Super Expert Mode’ Difficulty In Latest Update

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Bandai Namco has revealed details on a recent update for Super Robot Wars T which adds a new difficulty aimed at players who have beaten Expert Mode, as well as update some skills and customization options to match the new difficulty. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Here are the details below:

Super Expert Mode

A new high-level difficulty option aimed at players who have already beaten Expert Mode. The difficulty of stages is always set to Hard, enemies will be even further upgraded than in Expert Mode, and you can only get the SR points in stages if you fulfill the conditions without failing and retrying the stage. Enemies with Ace Bonuses and Custom Bonuses will appear even starting from the early stages.


Upgraded Customization Parameters

Fortunately, to match with the new difficulty, the update adds a few new things for players to try out as well. Ally units who earn 300 kills will be elevated from Great Ace to the new Super Ace tier. Super Aces start maps with +10 Morale and earn 1.3x funds when shooting down enemies.


Additionally, certain skills are getting EX versions that are only gained by giving pilots that same skill when they have already learned the max level version previously. Special skills that were only learnable once previously are now treated as Lv 1.

Here’s the list below:

  • Attacker EX: Damage boosted by 1.3x when at 130 Morale or above.
  • Dash EX: Unit movement increased +2.
  • SP Recovery EX: 20 SP recovered at start of Player Phase.
  • ExC Bonus EX: Extra Count +3 at start of map/deployment.
  • Fighter’s Spirit EX: Increases Morale when deployed +20.
  • Break Morale Limit EX: Morale upper limit +30.
  • Save E EX: EN weapons cost 70% of regular EN to use.
  • Save B EX: 2x regular amount of ammo for ammo-based weapons.
  • Instinct EX: Final accuracy and evasion increased by +25% when at 130 Morale or above.
  • Guard EX: Reduces damage taken by 30% when at 130 Morale or above.
  • Lucky Star EX: Casts ‘Fortune’ Spirit upon first deployment, recasts ‘Fortune’ Spirit on the pilot at the start of every Player Phase, and adds 3000 Funds to every enemy kill.


Apart from the skills, the Pilot Level cap has been increased from Lv99 –> Lv200, Pilot Stats cap has been increased from 400 –> 999, and Unit Upgrade rank caps have been increased from 10 (15 on 3rd playthrough and after) to 20.


Super Robot Wars T is available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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