Super Robot Wars X’s Second Trailer Features New Original Characters And Robot-On-Robot Action

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Bandai Namco revealed the second trailer for Super Robot Wars X in a livestream today, showing off new moves and units for the participating mecha series, as well as the original characters for the game.


Here is the full trailer from the livestream, starting from the 15:28 minute mark for those of you who want to check the entire broadcast:


You can also check out the trailer that released below:

After showing the trailer, the hosts went on to talk about the protagonists of the game:


SRWX Original Mecha: Zelgard (Designed by Masaki Asai)

srwx og1

Zelgard is an Auto Warlock developed to be the arbiter of law and order in the alternate world Al-Warth. It has mechanical magic sigils on it’s wrists that allow it to perform Dogmas (i.e. magic) quickly.


The design of the robot is meant to look like a magician, down to the cloak. The way it uses Dogma attacks are reminiscent of Super Robot moves.


Iori Iolite (Character designer: Yun Kouga, CV: Ryouhei Arai)

srwx og2

One of the two playable protagonists. He is part of the Order of Mages who watch over law and order in Al-Warth, and is also known as ‘The Mage of Cordierite’. He is strong-willed and serious, and holds a strong sense of justice. In order to find out what he can accomplish with the Dogma that he has trained up since he was a child, he sets out on a journey.


According to Arai, his voice actor, while Iori looks somewhat androgynous and calm, he actually has some ‘Super Robot Wars’-esque hot-blooded lines that are quite different from what people may expect of a mage.


Amari Aquamarine (Character designer: Yun Kouga, CV: Satomi Sato)

srwx og3

The other selectable protagonist. She is part of the Order of Mages, and is also known as ‘The Mage of Aquamarine’. She is a proper lady with a serious attitude, but also sometimes a bit timid. However, she has a strong sense of determination at her core. Amari goes on a journey in order to find her purpose in life.


According to Sato, her voice actress, Amari seems like ‘a normal girl’ from her lines.


Hopps (Character designer: Kazue Nakajima, CV: Keiichi Noda)

srwx og4

A magical creature created by a Dogma. It can understand human speech, and it follows the protagonist on their journey in order to expand it’s knowledge. Hopps also rides Zelgard, and acts as support in battle.


From the stream, he is described as being ‘like a butler’, sort of like the black panther Ran Shao from the Masou Kishin series.


Warth Dienvel (Robot designer: Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa)

srwx og5

A robot in something like a rival position to Zelgard. It appears for a slight moment in the new PV.


Serlik Obsidian (Character designer: Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa, CV: Mitsuaki Madono)

srwx og6

A tough enemy who the protagonists end up fighting against.


Other details:

Several other facts were mentioned in the stream:

  • The Nightingale, piloted by Char Aznable in the PV, is actually a hidden unit that they decided to show off.
  • The Custom BGM function that was also in Super Robot Wars V has been improved so that players can choose where in a track to start playing the BGM.
  • Finally, in JAM Project’s new theme song, ‘The Steel Warriors’, Terada actually joins in singing the chorus.


Super Robot Wars X releases on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan and Chinese regions on March 29, 2018. The game releases in April 26, 2018 in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.)

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