Surge Concerto’s 7th Anniversary Goods Include Plushies And A Full Soundtrack Of Both Games

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We reported earlier this year that Gust’s Surge Concerto (i.e. Ciel Nosurge and Ar Nosurge) was celebrating its seventh anniversary this year, and on the day of celebration, Gust revealed several more goods that are being released to celebrate this milestone.


sonic spheres complete box

Firstly, a complete soundtrack of both games, the Genometric Concert CD series, and a special CD originally only available on Gust Shop will be released, titled ‘ETHESTRON ~Surge Concerto sonic-spheres complete BOX~’. The soundtrack releases on June 30, 2019, and will cost a hefty 13,000 yen (around $115 USD). The soundtrack is up for pre-order on Gust Shop here.


ciel no surge 2


Additionally, Ciel and Earthes’… head are getting plushies, costing 1,204 yen respectively. Those are available here and here respectively, and are already available.



Made-to-order nixie tube clocks are also being released, letting players relive the memories of the 7th dimension. In the game, the nixie tube clock was created by Ion as a gift to the player.


nixie 2

Sadly, this one is being made to order, and while you can still pre-order it here for a whopping 107,307 yen ($960 USD), slots for the first batch has already been filled. The slots were filled within the first 24 hours of the announcement. There will be three batches made in total.


Finally, director Akira Tsuchiya held a livestream with Dengeki PlayStation, reliving memories and talking behind-the-scenes stories on the development of the game. Ciel Nosurge is well-known for being one of the early examples of a ‘Games as a service’ model, but for a singleplayer story meant to be experienced chapter by chapter while interacting with Ion. In the second half, Ion’s voice actress Ai Kakuma joins in as an unexpected guest.


Check out the livestream below:


Ciel noSurge was released for PlayStation Vita in 2012, and later got an Offline version. Ar noSurge was released on PlayStation 3, then got an enhanced port to Vita called Ar noSurge Plus.

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