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Susume!! Mamotte Knight To Get New FM Music, Gaiden Stories, And More As DLC


koshiro 1

Yesterday, Ancient Games announced that they will be releasing a DLC pack in December for Susume!! Mamotte Knight, which will kick off a slew of extra content for the game.


Here’s the DLC content release schedule below:

December 2019

  • FM Sound Pack (MD & PC88SB II)
  • New Skill: FIG/ARC
  • Extra Story 1


January 2020

  • ??? Sound Pack


February 2020

  • ??? Sound Pack
  • New Skill: NIN/MIC
  • Extra Story 2



  • ??? Sound Pack
  • New Skill
  • New Story


Susume!! Mamotte Knight is available on Nintendo Switch.

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