Swap Dimensions For New Platforming Powers In Prisma & The Masquerade Menace



Prisma & The Masquerade Menace will have players flipping through different colored dimensions, each offering the player a new kind of ability to be used to solve the puzzles of the game’s surreal worlds.




Ray, the heroine, is given the power to change dimensions in Prisma & The Masquerade Menace. Doing so will change the color tint of the world, giving her a new power while inhabiting that plane. She can run faster in the yellow dimension, jump higher in the blue one, and break down walls in the red world. Ray is able to flip dimensions on the fly, so using multiple powers in quick succession will be necessary to win.


Ray’s outfit and personality will also change with each dimension swap, so players can change her interactions with the game’s NPCs based on what world she has them in. Objects will also behave differently depending on the world she’s in, adding another thing for players to note as they play.




Prisma & The Masquerade Menace will offer multiple worlds for Ray to explore, as well as varied enemies and friends to meet, when it releases this year. In the meantime, the developers are raising Kickstarter funds to aid in its development.

Alistair Wong
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