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Swimsuit Costume DLC? Yep, Akiba’s Trip 2 Has It.


Akiba’s Trip 2 has been out since November 7th and like its title says, is set in Japan’s mythical holy grail land of Akihabara—home to vicious vampires waiting to suck your wallet dry whenever you lay eyes on beautiful new figurines, manga and other goods.



Continuing their tie-ups and nods to the land it is set in, Akiba’s Trip 2 has released its second batch of costume DLC, and amongst them are collaborative nods to fans with a Super Sonico clothing set and a Di Gi Charat Dejiko clothing set as well. These are both free.


Alongside them were also released swimsuits for Rin and Touko- these swimsuits will cost 500 yen each.



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