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Sword Art Online: Lost Song Demonstrates Its New PvP Mode



Sword Art Online: Lost Song is getting a major update that adds PvP, new playable characters and giant bosses to fight. Eir Aoi recently got together with Dengeki to demonstrate what’s new in the update.


The footage starts out with the new PvP feature that fans have been looking forward to, at the 2:10 mark of the video. They say that it’s really fun to be able to fight against other players and the characters they’ve raised, not to mention its multiplayer mode.


It doesn’t make a difference in 1v1 fights, but characters have their own roles in player versus player. For example, Asuna is a good healer in the multiplayer PvP, where you have two teams of four go up against each other.


Asuna can also hold her own using speedy sword skill moves in close-ranged combat. Flying around plays a big role in combat, as you can use it to distance yourself when needed; however, there are some stages where you won’t be able to fly, as they have a little less space.


At 5:39, we get to see an arena-style fight, where Kirito goes up against a bunch of opponents with the help of some AI-controlled allies.It can be a bit hectic for the 4v4 matches, so knowing what skills to use will be the key.


Next, at the 9:30 mark, we get a first look at one of the new giant bosses in motion. This boss will be fought through a  new quest in the update. The boss hits hard and you won’t be able to fly here, so you’ll need to put your best dodging skills to use while chipping away at its health.


Sword Art Online: Lost Song’s Player of Arms update will go live on May 28, 2015.

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