T.M. Revolution Will Have His Own S.H. Figuarts Figure

T.M. Revolution getting his own S.H. Figuarts

The Japanese singer Takanori “T.M. Revolution” Nishikawa will have an S.H. Figuarts action figure modeled after himself. Bandai has published a new webpage commemorating the special collaboration. It shows how the singer visited the company earlier in 2022 to have a CG model of his body made.

Bandai will use the body model to create an action figure with an approximate height of 6 inches. It also teased that the S.H. Figuarts figure will have a costume from one of T.M. Revolution’s popular songs. The company will publish more details about the latter in mid-November 2022.

T.M. Revolution is the stage name that Takanori Nishikawa took when he began his solo career in 1996. The singer became famous for performing theme songs for franchises like Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Sengoku Basara. In recent years, Nishikawa has been using his own name more often in his newer songs, such as the Fate/Extra Last Encore opening “Bright Burning Shout” and the Edens Zero opening “Eden through the rough.”

S.H. Figuarts is a series of character and superhero-based action figures released by Bandai. The lineup usually consists of tokusatsu and Western superheroes like Kamen RiderUltraman, and Marvel. However, it also includes characters from manga and anime titles, such as Dragon BallNaruto, and Spy x Family.

Bandai will reveal more information about the T.M. Revolution S.H. Figuarts action figure in November 2022. The singer will also appear at the opening ceremony of the Tamashii Nation 2022 figure event on November 17, 2022.

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