Take A Look At Gods Eater Burst’s God Arc Creation Process


D3 Publisher have continually been updating Gods Eater Burst with free download packs ever since its release. Four DLC packs have been released so far, some with user-submitted content, and a fifth pack is scheduled to live this week.


In a recent blog post, the development team shared details of how designs for God Arcs are converted into in-game models. This process is broken up into four steps:


1. Design: God Arc designs and Aragami designs hand-in-hand. Depending on the specifications of the God Arc and Aragami designers, designs are drafted.

2. Formatting: This pertains to deciding upon size, colour, material, texture and feel.

3. Modeling: The in-game model is created.

4. Brush-up: This involves the completion and polishing of the model. By the end of step 4, the asset is ready to be correctly displayed in-game.


You might recall that a while ago, Namco and D3 put out a call for user-submitted God Arcs from readers of various Japanese magazines, a few of which were included in a recent DLC pack. Here’s one example of a design that was sent in by a player calling himself PN syunpy:



The development team takes the user-submitted design and modifies it so that it fits the feel of the game better. The weapon is redesigned on the basis of how it would look and work in the game, so it doesn’t break the game’s “atmosphere”.


Here’s what the above submission looked like at various stages of completion after it was modified to fit the game:


That last one is the in-game model. Obviously, it looks a lot nicer when you see it within the context of the game. Here, take a look:



You may recall the last DLC pack also had dessert-themed God Arcs in it. D3 published modified designs of those, too:



Ishaan Sahdev
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