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Take A Tour Of The Imperial Capital In The Legend Of Heroes: Trails in the Flash


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Falcom’s newest RPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash is centered around a group of students in a military academy in the Erebonian Empire. At some point in the story, they will also make a visit to the imperial capital, Heimdallr, where they meet some important people.


Prime Minister Giliath Osborne


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Osborne, also known as the “Blood and Iron Prime Minister”, is the ruler of the Erebonian Empire. He is responsible for expanding the country’s railroad system, modernizing the nation, and merging the outlying regions. Recently, he has been receiving complaints from the lower classes while the noble classes have been exploiting loopholes in the old political system.


Governor Regnitz

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Regnitz is the governor of  Heimdallr and the father of Machias. On top of that, he is a close friend of Osborne, a key figure in the reformist group, and a genius in politics. He is well-mannered, but strong at heart, and has worked his way to the top of the noble class. It seems that he is also a member of a certain military academy, and he may be interfering with Rean and his friends.


Vita Clotilde

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Vita is an opera singer also known as the Blue Diva. As the top star of the Heimdallr Opera House, she is highly praised by the citizens for her vibrant voice and enchanting appearance.


The imperial capital of Heimdallr has a vast network of streets and venues. Stretching from the center of the city is Vancool Street, an urban avenue filled with cars, trolleys, and shopping centers. In the far north, there is the Draikels Plaza, an area that sees citizens and tourists alike.

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In the west is the calm residential area of Art Street, where Eliot’s family resides. To the northwest is the Garnie district, an area filled with art and history. This is where the Heimdallr Opera House is located.

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To the south is the old town of Ost, where Machias’ family resides. Occupied by plebeians and laborers, the town once suffered oppression, but its condition seems to have improved since Regnitz became governor.

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Beside the Anole River in the southeast is Heimdallr Port, Thanks to the rise of railroad systems and airships, less people travel by boat, but the amount of cargo carried over water has increased. In the northeast is the Martel Park, an elegant park with glass gazebos and man-made waterfalls.

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In the northwest is the Sanct district, where the Heimdallr Cathedral is located, as well as the St. Astrya Girls Academy, where Rean’s younder sister Elise and Princess Alfin are enrolled.

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Lastly, there is an huge, underground tunnel running beneath the royal capital that was built during the Middle Ages. No one knows the layout of the entire tunnel, but there are canals running in some sections, as well as an underground graveyard.

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In addition, on the eastern border neighboring the province of Krosbel is Galleria Fort, where the garrison of the Fifth Armored Division reside. Five years ago, a armored train was deployed from the fort, raising tension between the empire and Krosbel.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash will be released on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.