PlayStation 3

Master Elements And Elephants In SRPG, Tears to Tiara II



Aquaplus’ upcoming strategy RPG, Tears to Tiara II, brings back the Element Cycle that affects the power of characters’ attacks from the first Tears to Tiara. Each unit has one of seven elements: earth, water, fire, wind, holy, darkness, and star. Like in a typical RPG, each element is strong or weak against other elements.


The Element Cycle is displayed as a wheel in the bottom right corner of the screen. For a fixed amount of time, each element will receive a power boost before it is switched with another element. During this time, each unit with that element will receive a stat boost, and all skills or magic attacks with that element will be more powerful.

005 (2)

006 (2) 007 (2)

008 (1) 009 (1) 


As you deal and take damage, you fill up a Chain Stock gauge, which you can spend to unleash a Chain Attack. When you use a Chain Attack, you must hold down the attack button and release it when the circle on the screen disappears, like in a rhythm-action game. By successfully timing your button presses, you can execute several attacks in a row.


010 (1) 011 (1) 012 (2) 013 (1)


You can also spend Chain Stock to use Boost Magic, which can increase the power or range of your attacks.


014 (2) 015 (2)


As revealed earlier, you will be able to ride elephants in battle. In addition, elephants can pull carriages, which units can board and slowly recover HP and MP. However, if the elephant is defeated, all of the units riding it will collapse, as well.


022 (1) 023 (1) 024 (1) 025


Outside of battle, you will be able to use resources you pick up along your journey to upgrade your weapons, accessories, skill books, and even elephant mounts.


018 (2) 019 (2) 020 (1) 021 (1)


Tears to Tiara II will be released on October 24 for the PlayStation 3.