Take A First Look At Quote, An Action RPG With Book Burning And Author Devouring


Quote PC Steam Early Access


London-based studio Vindit is crafting an action RPG called Quote, in which players must “save” the world by ridding it of all knowledge. According to the studio, it won’t be long before players can give the game a try as Quote is heading to Steam Early Access this winter with a full release planned for 2017.


Quote PC Screenshot


Much like Guy Montag, the fireman in Fahrenheit 451, players take on the role of a “priestess of Bliss” named Novella in Quote who must burn every book she finds. Novella is also charged with killing authors and ridding her entire dystopian world of every trace of independent thought. This purge includes removing references to and quotes from classic literature throughout the land.


Assisting Novella is a bird-like creature called Tatters. Players feed it rebellious authors to unlock additional attacks and abilities. There are more than 20 additional powers Novella can unlock throughout her quest to purify the world.


Quote PC Powers


The first trailer for Quote offers a glimpse of Novella’s arsenal of attacks while showing off its surrealist art style.