Take To The Stars With Mechas In Kadokawa’s New Smartphone Game, Starly Girls



Kadokawa Games announced a new smartphone game called Strarly Girls, a game they’re called a “next-generation space training simulation game with Star Girls and G-Gears.”

Yoshimi Yasuda, known for his work on Kantai Collection for Kadokawa Games is taking on the role of director for the game, which is being developed by Aeria Games for Android and iOS.


The player takes on the role of the captain of a space ship called “Asterism,” and they’ll explore the vast outer-space together with crew mates called “Star Girls.” The Star Girls pilot mechas called “G-Gear” (Gravity Gear) to go into combat. In addition to upbringing the Star Girls, you’ll get to enhance G-Gears, weapons, and more.


A release date for Starly Girls: Episode Starsia has yet to be announced, but we’ll learn more about it at Tokyo Game Show 2016 next month.

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