Tales of and Last Cloudia Crossover Announced

Tales of Last Cloudia

A Tales of crossover will appear in Last Cloudia. More information about the crossover will appear on November 21, 2022 through a special broadcast. This will include event specific details such as potential crossover characters and rewards. The Tales of and Last Cloudia crossover broadcast will be held on YouTube. It will begin at 7pm PDT/10am ET and at 4am CET on the following day. The crossover event will begin on November 24, 2022.

Several crossover events from other notable franchises have appeared in Last Cloudia. This has included a Persona 5 crossover event. During this period, players could recruit members of the Phantom Thieves for a limited time. This was similar to a Devil May Cry V event that appeared. For a limited time, players could obtain Nero, Dante, and V through event participation. With one of the crossover characters available to obtain for free through event participation.

Additionally, a NieR: Automata event appeared in Last Cloudia in August 2021. Players could recruit 2B and 9S, and participate in event specific battles. Which included a fight against Simone, who appeared as a boss in NieR: Automata.

Last Cloudia is available on Android and Apple iOS devices. The Tales of crossover event will begin on November 24, 2022 with the special broadcast to be held on November 21, 2022.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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