Tales of Destiny II PSP Screens


Tales of Destiny II PSP will be available for purchase next week in Japan, and what better way to usher in the release of this awesome Tales game than to provide some screenshots? Given that this port of its PS2 original probably won’t be released here in the West, Tales of Destiny II PSP is an instant import of fans who enjoyed the PS2 version and feel like giving it another whirl while on the go. Personally, I can’t wait for this game to be released.

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Looks rich if you ask me. There was also some concern about ougi’s/hi-ougi’s having a slow-down on the PSP version of the game as evidenced by a YouTube video I saw not too long ago and can’t seem to find. It basically compared two clips of Judas performing the same hi-ougi in both the PSP and PS2 version of the game, and the PS2 version had Judas moving faster than the PSP version. After watching some of the videos on the official site which you can stream, that slowdown doesn’t seem to be there anymore. See for yourself.


Now if only Namco-Bandai would get to work on that Tales of Rebirth PSP port. Not that they’re actually working on it, but I can’t help but dream emoticon

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