Tales of Festival 2023 Guests Include Flow, Deen, Bonnie Pink

Tales of Festival 2023
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Flow, Deen, and Bonnie Pink will perform at Tales of Festival 2023. This news came from the cast announcement stream on Bandai Namco’s official YouTube channel. Masaya Onosaka, who voices Zelos from Tales of Symphonia, was the host of the stream alongside Viva-kun.

All three artists performed multiple songs for the Tales series over the years. Flow sang the openings for Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria the X. Meanwhile, Deen contributed songs for Tales of Destiny, Tales of Hearts R, and Tales of the Rays. Finally, Bonnie Pink sang the openings for Tales of Vesperia and Tales of Asteria. 

As for the cast, there will be quite a number of guests from basically all of the Tales games over the two days. On June 10, 2023, some of the guests will include Kosuke Toriumi (Yuri from Tales of Vesperia), Takuya Sato (Alphen from Tales of Arise), and Ryohei Kimura (Sorey from Tales of Zestiria). On June 11, 2023, people like Ryo Hirohashi (Shirley from Tales of Legendia), Takashi Kondo (Ludger from Tales of Xillia 2), and Yui Ishikawa (Misella from Tales of Crestoria) will show up.


Tales of Festival will take place in Japan on June 10-11, 2023. You’ll be able to order tickets in advance online between April 20, 2023 and May 7, 2023. Aside from the live event, there’ll be exclusive merchandise to purchase during Tales of Festival 2023.

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