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Tales of Festival 2023 Merchandise Celebrates All Games and Characters

Pre-orders for Tales of Festival 2023 merchandise based on the series’ games and characters are open from May 18-28, 2023. This festival is slightly different from some of the previous ones, as it’s the 15th anniversary of the event. There are three categories of merchandise that you can choose from. You can pre-order character goods (character-specific items), event goods, and special goods.

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For the character goods, you can buy a “phone tab” (a clear cardholder for character goods that you can attach to our phone to show off who you stan), acrylic stands, acrylic stickers, acrylic coasters, towels, fans, and keyholders. Each game will have two to three characters that are featured. For example, you can get goods of Veigue or Claire from Rebirth, and Kohak or Hisui from Hearts.  As a note, only games starting from Tales of Destiny 2 have character goods.

tales of festival 2023 character goods

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Event goods are merchandise more specific to the Tales of Festival 2023. Items include T-shirts, color lights, and acrylic sticks. There are multiple variations of the T-shirts and sticks depending on which game you like. The acrylic sticks all feature the mascot of a particular entry. The unicorn is Phantasia’s, whereas Quickie is Eternia’s.

Finally, special goods are slightly more generic items. You can buy bracelets, scarves, and plates. Like with the event goods, there are different looks for the game that you like. The bracelets have two charms—one charm shows the title of the game and the other displays the Tales of Festival 2023 logo. As for the scarves, they use the color of the game’s title. For example, the Xillia scarf is green because the logo for Xillia was green.

The Tales of Festival 2023 game and character merchandise is available for pre-order between May 18 and 28, 2023. They are available via Asobi Store. However, Asobi Store does not offer international shipping, so a proxy service would be needed. Tales of Festival 2023 will take place in Japan on June 10-11, 2023.

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