Tales of Series Sales Surpass 25 Million Units Worldwide

Tales of Series Sales

Bandai Namco has announced that the Tales of series has officially surpassed 25 million units in sales worldwide. The announcement arrived through the official Tales of Japanese Twitter account. Additionally, it was revealed that Tales of Berseria has also surpassed 2 million units in sales worldwide. This includes both physical and digital sales of the title. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition sales have surpassed 1.5 million units worldwide as well.

In May 2019, Bandai Namco revealed that total worldwide sales for the Tales of series had surpassed 20 million units. Now in 2021, the series has reached another milestone. Additionally, Tales of Arise surpassed 1 million units in sales just a week after its release. This has made Tales of Arise the fastest selling Tales of title within the series to date.

However, Tales of Symphonia still remains the best selling Tales of title to date, having shipped 2.4 million copies worldwide. However, that may change if Tales of Arise continues to sell at the pace it’s currently at.

Additionally, Bandai Namco is looking to expand its lineup of immediately available Tales of titles. Recently, it announced Tales of Luminaria. This is an entirely new Tales of title that will arrive on mobile devices, alongside the already available Tales of Crestoria.

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