Tales of Series To Celebrate Its 23rd Anniversary With A Special Live Stream On December 8



Fans of the Tales of series will want to tune in on December 8 at around 8:00pm JST when Bandai Namco hosts a special “Tales of Room 2018” live stream to celebrate its 23rd anniversary.


Bandai Namco says the Tales of series started with the release of Tales of Phantasia on December 15, 1995, thanks to the longtime support of fans, and as we head into the series’ 23rd anniversary, they’ll be celebrating its a little earlier together with the fans in a special web program called Tales of Room 2018.


The program will feature several voice actors including Katsuyuki Konishi (Tales of Symphonia’s Lloyd Irving), Rika Morinaga (Tales of Vesperia’s Rita), Eiji Takemoto (Tales of Vesperia’s Raven), Haruka Terui (Tales of the Rays’ Mileena Weiss), and Kouhei Amasaki (Tales of Crestoria’s Kanata).


We can expect to hear the latest on the series from the developers as well.

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