Namco Bandai kept their promise and promptly released videos showcased at this weekend’s Tales of Festival. The first video of Tales of Xillia gives us a look at the gameplay. You can see the cast run on the field and utilize map actions to explore further. These contextual commands let Jude climb ledges or crawl into tight spaces. The battle system – fighting chat, real-time character switching, and link artes are demoed too.



This second trailer is all about the game’s story, which has two lead characters. Tales of Xilla will open differently depending if you select Jude, an erudite medical student, or Milla, a spirit arts user with a secret mission, as your starting character. Pop star Ayumi Hamasaki performs the game’s theme song "progress."



Tales of Xillia is slated for release on September 8 for PlayStation 3.

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