Tales of Zestiria is really giving the Phantasy Star series a run for their money when it comes to collaborations, as Bandai Namco announced the latest one in a recent NicoNico Live stream with the [email protected] outfits. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Here’s a look at the [email protected]costumes for the Zestiria ladies:


ws003265-680x383 ws003327

ws003349-680x383 ws003515

The [email protected]outfits will not only give the characters different lines in combat, but will also change up the BGM.


Additionally, Namco showed off the new Modern-style School Uniform costumes. These also change the BGM when worn in combat:



ws003577-680x383 ws003587

ws003591-680x383 ws003617

ws003625-680x383 ws003635-680x383

ws003639-680x383 ws003647-680x383

ws003705-680x383 ws003677-680x383

ws003711-680x383 ws003779-680x383

Mikleo hasn’t gotten as many costumes compared to the other characters, but he’s looking pretty sharp in the Modern School Uniform set!



Finally, they also shared a bit more with this short video clip showing some battle result quotes. There’s a funny one where Mikleo is shown telling Edna “hey, I contributed more this time!” to which she responded with “like they say, the worse you are, the easier it is for things to look better”.



Tales of Zestiria will release in Japan on January 22, 2015 for PlayStation 3.

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