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Tales of Zestiria Producer Apologizes For Making Fans Worry About The Series



Bandai Namco took some heat earlier this year when they released Tales of Zestiria. fans of the series weren’t too happy to find out that one of the game’s main heroines didn’t have as extensive a role as Namco had advertised, and that she was instead reserved to be released later as a DLC add-on.


To make matters worse, Bandai Namco released the DLC story that centered around Alisha for 1,300 yen , shortly after the game released, which lent credence to the assumption that Bandai Namco had planned to remove her from the game for add-on content all along. You can read more about this in our earlier report.



At the time, Tales series producer Hideo Baba defended the decision, claiming that Namco had never explicitly stated that Alisha, the character in question, was going to be one of Tales of Zestiria’s main protagonists, even though the company actually had referred to her as the heroine and then removed references to this fact. More recently, however, Baba directed an apology at Tales fans.


During a talk show featuring anime studio ufotable to talk about the Tales of Zestiria anime, Baba felt the need to get something off his chest before proceeding with the event.


“It’s about the Tales of series, but I want to deeply apologize for making you all worry,” Baba said to the fans in attendance. “And I’d like to talk about it again sometime.”


While he didn’t specify just what he was apologizing for, making the Alisha connection isn’t difficult, given the events that have brought us to this point.


Recently, there have been rumors surrounding a possible Tales of Zestiria port for PlayStation 4. If this ends up being true, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Alisha issue brought up again.

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