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Tales of Zestiria’s Mysterious New Character Is Also Of The Heavenly Tribe



    During Bandai Namco’s annual Tales of Festival that took place earlier this month, we got to see several new features for Tales of Zestiria, including a new character by the name Zabeeda, who is shown confronting Slay and the others. Famitsu shares more details on him and more.


    l_5396fd833ebfbZabeeda is a member of the Heavenly Tribe, who journeys on his own to hunt down some sort of demon. He’s a hunter-type of character who enjoys fighting powerful opponents, and he tends to go pretty wild once a fight starts.


    He fights Slay who had become a Monk (Doushi) and is considered a very dangerous opponent.


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    Tales of Zestiria features a similar chat system as the other games of the series, but with a little extra as seen in the above screenshot.



    The above is another look at the new “Kamui” feature, a system that allows the protagonist Slay to momentarily fuse with a Heavenly Tribe character at will.


    In addition to the boosted parameters you get from it, it’ll start you out with a two meter (6.5 feet) sword to go with speedy movements. After hitting the third hit in a combo, the sword  extends to four meters (13 feet,) allowing you take out any monsters in range.


    Tales of Zestiria is currently in development for PlayStation 3.

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