TATESC Vertical Manga Reading Service Launched


BookWalker Global announced a new way for people to read manga. It’s called TATESC, and it’s a new service oriented around vertical-scrolling manga. [Thanks, ANN!]

The name “TATESC” comes from “Tate” (Japanese for “stand up”) and the first syllable of “Scroll.” “Tatesc-Comi” is a Japanese slang term for vertical-scrolling comics, as well. The format has grown popular worldwide thanks to the growth of reading via smart devices over print books. The Webtoon platform in particular is one front for growth in “v-scroll” comics, since most works hosted there are in that format.

TATESC will native v-scroll webcomic series, as well as existing manga converted to “v-scroll” format. The service went live in August of 2021 in Japan. The global edition of TATESC is available via BookWalker’s site and app.

The service has 24 titles in its launch lineup. Kadokawa stated that it plans to add more titles moving forward. Some of the adapted series that were originally in black-and-white in their manga format will be colorized in v-scroll format.

  • A Blossom in the Snow Stands as a War God
  • Bungo Stray Dogs
  • Contract Between a Specter and a Servant
  • Dead Moon Town
  • The Devil Is a Part-Timer!
  • ENRA
  • Le Gardenie: Love Note
  • Hero Raising Project
  • Inquisition
  • I’m a Villainess to be Poisoned, so Why am I Being Adored?
  • I Was a Sacrifice but Now I’m a Consort to a God?! ~All the Princesses are Fluffy~
  • Interspecies Reviewers
  • Just Another Peculiar Day at Yasaka Real Estate: Now I Live With a Ghost
  • Mysterious Dinner at Bistro Sangen-tei
  • Nanaki Yushiro’s Collection of Mystic Stories
  • One Night I Threatened My Stalker and Made Him My Boyfriend
  • A Polar Bear in Love
  • Red Rain: Legends of Nusantara
  • Speciality for the Fallen Knight
  • Spirit Tamer
  • Story of My Fiancée
  • Stories After
  • Villainess Outrage

The TATESC series will have the first five chapters readable for free. Readers can then buy the series ala carte via BookWalker Global. Prices range from 41 cents to 98 cents (US) per chapter. Kadokawa’s Comic Walker service also hosts more traditionally formatted digital manga.

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