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Team Ninja Want Player Feedback For Dead or Alive 5 Balance Changes


Team Ninja are in the process of rebalancing Dead or Alive 5, the studio recently announced via their Twitter feed. Dead or Alive 5 director, Yohei Shimbori, took the opportunity to address fans of the fighting game that have been playing it.


“As I mentioned last week, I’d like to explain the direction for balancing things moving forward,” Shimbori wrote via Twitter. “Please keep in mind that we’re still considering what exactly to update, but this should give you an idea how we’re thinking.”


Shimbori elaborated: “Direction 1: As a rule, we are not going to do anything that makes all of your practice up to now pointless. We will only tweak things we feel are absolutely necessary.”


“Direction 2: We will balance aspects we feel are not fair,” he continued. “Moves that are way too strong or which have strange motion, etc. Bug fixes are included in this consideration.”


“Direction 3: We will not change the concept and importance of keeping each character’s individuality. Rather than kill personality to make everyone the same, we’ll strengthen the weak characters to make a fair fight.”


And finally: “Direction 4: I will tweet questions about certain aspects to get your feedback. We will consider your responses carefully when we make our final decisions. Please use the hashtag #DOA5_balance so we can keep track easily.”


The content and timing of the eventual update hasn’t been decided upon yet, but Shimbori says Team Ninja will let fans know once those details have been ironed out. In the meantime, Shimbori encourages Dead or Alive 5 players to get talking with each other, discuss what they’d like to see changed, and then answer Team Ninja’s ongoing queries with their opinions.

Ishaan Sahdev
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