Team Rocket-Related Pokemon GO Special Research Missions Look At ‘A Troubling Situation’

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A few days ago, Niantic was sneakily teasing the emergence of Team Rocket in Pokemon GO. Some people were encountering tainted Poke Stops that had been claimed by grunts and were able to fight them, catching Shadow Pokemon that had been left behind. Now, the investigation into Team GO Rocket’s villainous wrongdoings has gone a step further with Special Research missions and a new trailer.


The new Special Research segments are called A Troubling Situation. Professor Willow first asks people to evolve two Pokemon and power up a Pokemon five times. Then, you have to catch two Shadow Pokemon and defeat three Team GO Rocket Grunts. After that, you have to purify two Shadow Pokemon and Purify a fire, grass, or water-type Shadow Pokemon. Finally, the last step completes rather quickly.


When Team Rocket is active in Pokemon GO, people may see discolored Poke Stops where a Team Rocket Grunt was lurking. Beating the character will result in a chance to catch a corrupted Shadow Pokemon, a version of the character with an aura, the move Frustration, and slightly lower stats than usual. (You also can’t trade Shadow Pokemon.) People could then use Candy to purify it, changing Frustration to Return and bumping the stats back up.


Here is the Pokemon GO Team Rocket trailer:



The next Community Day event has also been announced. Between 4-7pm on August 3, 2019, there will be a massive Ralts infestation. People will see more of the Pokemon, will have three hour lures, and will have 1/4th egg hatching distance.


Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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