Team Up With Souken And His Demon Fox Cross In Summon Night 5



We recently reported Summon Night 5’s partners known as ‘Cross’. Bandai Namco revealed two new characters along with their partners.


The two key characters we’ll be looking at are Souken and his Cross Kazuramaru, along with Torque and Anvil.


繧オ繝「繝ウ繝翫う繝茨シ輔€€蠎・ア逕ィ邏譚 繧オ繝「繝ウ繝翫う繝茨シ輔€€蠎・ア逕ィ邏譚


Souken and Kazuramaru

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Souken is a respectful young man who abides by the rules. Although he may appear to look like a young lady, his merciless fighting even sends the most ruthless criminals shivering in their boots. His Cross is the large fox demon, Kazuramaru, who may appear to be calm but he has a rather intense personality.



Souken is very strict with his comra des but is even more strict on himself. He is respected by his teammates and is also considered an authority figure. He grows plants as a hobby and has many pots lined up on his windows at home.


Torque and Anvil


Torque is considered a genius blacksmith and has forged many excellent weapons at a young age. He is a descendant of the Wystan Blacksmith, who is said to have had the best technology available. Although Torque is already a very talented blacksmith, he still aims to become better and wishes to be the very best. He can be a little cocky at times, but his passion for blacksmithing is stronger than anything.


He will play a crucial role for the team by forging weapons for the members. Anvil is actually his fire breathing lizard partner, who helps him with his blacksmith work. Torque’s hobbies include forging weapons, which happens to be his job too.


Ellie and Purimo

繧オ繝「繝ウ繝翫う繝茨シ輔€€蠎・ア逕ィ邏譚 繧オ繝「繝ウ繝翫う繝茨シ輔€€蠎・ア逕ィ邏譚

Ellie is a young girl studying to become a summoner at the academy. She considers the main character to be her ‘sempai’, who she looks up to, and her goal is to become just as talented as her idol . When our hero was part of the academy, she used to follow him everywhere. Ellie’s personality is innocent and down-to-Earth. She’s a descendent of the people who once lived in a town on top of the mountains, known as Nagimiya. Her full name is Ellie Kamishiro. Her partner Purimo is a small bird-like creature who she befriended.


Summon Night 5 is slated to be released for PSP this spring.

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