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Tears to Tiara II Features A Fallen Prince And A Goddess


005 (2) Tears to Tiara II is the upcoming strategy-RPG from Aquaplus for the PlayStation 3. The story takes place in Hispania, a province of a tyrannical, yet unnamed empire.


The protagonist is a boy named Hamil who is the last descendant of Hispania’s royal family, which has fallen apart and is a shadow of its former self.


In the rural parts of the empire, he passes his days working laboriously until the appearance of a mysterious girl named Tart who claims to be a war goddess. When Tart is abducted by imperial troops, Hamil goes searching for her, becoming engulfed in a growing rebellion against the empire.



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Hamil is a kind boy and the last remaining member of Hispania’s royal family. Seven years earlier, his parents were executed for planning a rebellion against the empire. Since then, he has worked in a rural town under the scrutiny of imperial guards. He pretends to be weak, but he is actually calm, cunning, and determined to fulfill his father’s dying wish to win Hispania’s independence and defeat the empire.



013 (1)

A goddess who has been worshipped since ancient times and is responsible for abundant harvests and war. She has a kind, frank, and sometimes arrogant personality. As a longtime friend of Hispania’s royal family, she appears before Hamil in response to his desire to defeat the empire. Since she comes from another world, she knows little about the human world and is naturally curious.


You can see these characters in motion in the previously revealed opening movie. Tears to Tiara II will be released on October 24.


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