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Tears to Tiara II’s Story Will Be More On The Serious Side



This week’s Famitsu magazine has reported new details surrounding Aquaplus’ upcoming PlayStation 3 strategy role playing game, Tears to Tiara II.


Two new characters of Artio and Sauru have been introduced, along with a new element known as the “Elephant”. In addition, guest characters will be added through DLC; however, the downloadable characters won’t have anything to do with the main story.


The strategy grid battle part is said to consist of cutesy, chibi-style characters, similar to the game’s predecessor, and there will also be elevation differences on the field, so we can expect to see more hills and varied maps.


One of the biggest focuses in the development of Tears to Tiara II is to have it be as relaxing and stress-free as possible. The story will be more on the serious side, and the characters will also have a more modest appearance. To make things enjoyable for players of all levels, three difficulty modes will be available to choose from.


Additionally, the Mercenary Hire system from Tears to Tiara has been abolished, but the development team will be making up for it by having a many more characters.


Tears to Tiara II boasts over 50 fully-orchestrated tracks, including five with vocals, with music that is said to be completely different from previous games. The magazine also notes that the game is almost complete, so they don’t expect there to be any delays.


Tears to Tiara II is slated for release on October 24th in Japan for PlayStation 3.


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