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Tears To Tiara II’s Trailer Shows Off Its Colorful Cast Of Allies And Villains



Aquaplus’ upcoming strategy role playing game, Tears to Tiara II, is about the story of a fallen prince named Hamil who meets a mysterious girl named Tart, who claims to be a war goddess. After she is abducted by imperial troops, Hamil makes it his goal to go after her while starting a rebellion against the evil empire. The game’s latest trailer gives us a closer look at the two, along with a number of supporting characters.



Tears of Tiara II’s battle system is based off the more traditional grid battles seen in many strategy role playing games; however, the developers are adding a twist in the second installment of the series by throwing in new elephant mounts that can be seen in the trailer, and in our earlier report.


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When you’re not riding elephants while wielding giant swords on the grid-based battlefield full of cutesy chibi-style characters, you’ll be following the story, presented in a visual novel format. Speaking of which, below is a look at some of the characters shown in the trailer:




Izebel is seen going head-to-head against the protagonist Hamil in the trailer. She is the military commander of the holy empire’s western borders. She was originally an adivsor to Hamil’s father, but after finding out about the plans of the rebellion, she decided to join the empire.


She is characterized by her reluctance of allowing anyone near her, along with her brutal and cunning personality. She is a force to be reckoned with.




Kleito is the maiden who is a manager at the fort city of Tartetos. Contrary to her cute appearance, Kleito is actually not a human being, but a girl who belongs to a powerful dragon-race group. Those who know her true identity show nothing but their utmost respect to the young girl.


Kleito is more on the calm and quiet side, but she’s also a very intellectual girl, who excels at her job.




He is Hamil’s best friend (or rather, a bad influence) who is a supposed descendant of a famous sage from the eastern country, but he seems to lack any form of intellect or dignity. Diogenes’ dream is to become a singing, dancing sage, which answers why some may doubt that he’s from the same bloodline as his reputable ancestor.


Tears to Tiara II is slated for release on October 24th for PlayStation 3.


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