Teddiursa Joins Build-a-Bear Pokemon Plush Collection

teddiursa build-a-bear pokemon plush stuffed animal

Build-a-Bear, a store known for teddy bears, now added the Little Bear Pokemon Teddiursa to its plush collection. The outlet is now offering the bear alone in stores. People can also get a special exclusive bundle online. At the moment, only the US version of the site is showing the toy via “early access.” The UK website isn’t listing it yet.

The Teddiursa is only available online in a bundle. This is $65 and includes the plush toy with a five-in-one sound chip, a hoodie, and a sleeper. The bear with sound chip would be $40 alone. The hoodie is designed to look like the Friend Ball kind of Poke Ball. It would be $12.50 on its own. The sleeper is a one-piece with Poke Balls all over it. It would also normally be $12.50.

Here’s a closer look at the Build-a-Bear Teddiursa plush alone.
teddiursa build-a-bear pokemon plush stuffed animal

And here’s how the character looks while wearing the Friend Ball Hoodie.
teddiursa build-a-bear pokemon plush stuffed animal

Finally, here’s the sleeper designed to fit the stuffed animal.

The Build-a-Bear character collection gradually keeps building itself up. For example, earlier this year Grookey showed up. The company also rounded out its Eeveelution collection by adding Leafeon after Glaceon.

The Teddiursa Build-a-Bear Pokemon plush is available now.

Jenni Lada
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